Perrie Anderson /New First Vice President

Perrie Anderson is the new First – Vice President of the Community Builders Network of VA according to confirmed sources. Seen here in photo with former Youth President Erika Witt, Perrie (far right) has served the Network for four years as Region 1/Youth Rep, and was elected Youth Secretary last year.

Perrie Anderson (right) with Govenor Kaine

Perrie Anderson (right) with Govenor Kaine

Putting It All Together For Our Youth, 2006-2007

job_fair_final_poster.gifThe first annual Region One Community Builders Network of Virginia conference will be Friday, June 8th from noon to 8pm at the Monticello Event and Conference Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. The focus of the conference will be on jobs and job training for teenagers and the theme will be “Putting it all together for our youth 2006-2007.” The price of admission is one job for a teenager or one teenager for a job.

There will be a panel at noon with five speakers who will each speak for fifteentimkaine.jpeg
minutes, and then sit to entertain questions from the public. The speakers will be Freddie Simons, Director Community Builders Network of Virginia: My Dream for the Community Builders Network of Virginia; Harold Folley, Organizer, Virginia Organizing Project: Living in Public Housing in Charlottesville; Maxine Holland, Founder, Men on a Mission; Chris Winstead-Derlega, Educator, Aids Services Group: Aids Prevention; and Rory Carpenter, Juvenile Justice Coordinator, Charlottesville/Albemarle Commission on Children and Families: Youth Development Network. A free buffet lunch included with the price of admission will be served by youth from the DASH Program.

pamevans.jpgThe evening will consist of some gospel music by the local group called “God’s Anointed” as well as the State Farm Gospel Choir, a dinner meal at 5:00 pm, and a keynote speech from Commissioner Pamela O’Berry Evans from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board at 5:30 pm. Other featured guests will be officers from the Community Builders Network of Virginia statewide, local businesses and community leaders. The public is cordially invited to attend especially youth who are interested in jobs and job training in the food service industry.

A Special Teen

perrielongocbncropped3.jpgA SPECIAL TEEN: Perrie Anderson, age 15, is an honor roll student at Buford Middle School. Perrie serves as the only youth representative in District One of the Community Builders Network of Virginia, which covers most of north and central Virginia. She recently participated in the Network’s conference in January, in Richmond, and the statewide “Prevention Comes First/Kidsafe Conference” sponsored by the governor’s office of Substance Abuse Prevention. Her work with the network has given her an opportunity to help others by being a mentor for other teens. She recently won the Annual CH Brown Centennial Award for community service.

Perrie will be emceeing the Jobs Conference for Teens on Friday, June 8th, 2007. To set up a special interview with Perrie or one of the event’s guest speakers contact Rev. Ralph Brown at 434-806-7099.

4th Annual Statewide Conference

govphoto1.jpgThe 4th Annual Conference of the Community Builders Network of Virginia will be held on August 10th and 11th in Richmond, Virginia at the Marriott West. A pre-conference session will be held on August 9th. The focus will be on releasing youth potential.

Conferees will be able to:

  • participate in unique interactive life skills training for youth
  • learn about creating new and expanding existing prevention programs
  • gain information on developing effective youth and adult partnerships
  • best practice training for building and sustaining community coalitions
  • Leadership Institute for Prevention Directors
  • Special youth-centered workshops and events

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My Life in E.N.S., Inc. Youth Mentoring Program, by Devon Bedford, age 9

When my mom first told me about E.N.S. I did not want to go because I did not know anyone in the group. But I am glad I decided to go because I have a lot of fun. I have made some new friends. E.N.S. teaches me about Christ. I really like the mentors too. They are really nice to me. We have fun going to the movies and getting ice cream and everything too. I starred in the Black History Month play as Jackie Robinson. At first, I didn’t think I was going to be able to memorize all of my lines, but I did and I had fun doing the play. I like to make people laugh and I did when I played the part as the Real McCoy. I think every kid my age should join E.N.S. I look forward to coming every other week. Well, that’s the end of my story about me and E.N.S., Dumfries, VA.

“We started with nothing”

That’s right!

Region 1 started out four years ago with nothing but an idea. We supported the vision of Freddie Simons through the creation of “The Community Builders Network of Virginia,” (The Network). Mr. Simon’s vision was to someday be a strong statewide organization, committed to strengthening families, encouraging youth to achieve their potential, and to use their time wisely.

network310.jpgFour years ago Charlottesville Albemarle Prevention Coalition sent me, Chef Ralph Brown Sr., to Richmond to attend a grass-roots meeting, of an organization called Community Builders Network. During that very first conference I attended a workshop on grant writing. I met someone else there who was from my region and we agreed to become the two regional representatives. We decided to plan a regional conference for the next year, and applied for a federal grant with a packet we received from the workshop. We worked hard on completing the grant application and received a $25,000 CSAP conference grant.

Now, four years later, “The Network” has made great strides in supporting the youth of Virginia through community coalitions. We are planning our fourth annual statewide conference in Richmond, Virginia expecting over 150 youth and adults to attend the three day training event.

network210.jpgThe Charlottesville Albemarle Prevention Coalition has many devoted organizations ranging from the Girl Scouts to faith-based organizations like DASH, an after school non-profit organization. As a Toys for Tots sponsor DASH helped give away over ten thousand toys this past holiday season to needy children.

Perrie Anderson as the youth representative, has diligently represented our region with passion.

We have our own fully equipped office, courtesy of the Virginia Organizing Project. This adult grass-roots organization adopted us, and has provide a great deal of support since 2004.

We have a new adult representative from Dumfries, Virginia by the name of Len Daniels. Mr. Daniels is president of E.N.S., Inc. Youth Mentoring Partnership which provides primary prevention services and supports at-risk youth through a mentoring program.

Here, we have a strong local coalition, a faithful youth representative, office space with technical support, two adult representatives, and funding. We are collaborating and planning another regional conference for Region 1. This translates into more help for our young people in need every year.

network110.jpgOur organization also provides youth with the opportunity to meet with state officials. We have given them the chance to speak with their local Chief of Police, our Delegate – David Toscano, and legislative members of the Virginia Commission on Youth. What does all this mean? More money for prevention means our young people are spending more time in positive ways.

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